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Granule Powder Filling Machine 


This series of granules is suitable for hardware accessories, buttons, nuts, granules, herbs, seeds, grains, medicine granules, chili powder, and all kinds of tea, etc..


Model: FZ-100

1. Power: 220V, 150W. 2. Filling product: General granular 3. Filling volume: 1-200g 4. Filling accuracy: +/- 0.2g 5. Filling Speed: 10-25 pcs/min 6. Weight: 10kg 7. Dimension: 400x280x530mm8.


Easy to operate, easy to maintain This machine is used to fill powder or granule products eg milk custard chinchin peanuts rice etc


Filling Range = 2 - 100 grams


Links: powder filling machine granule filling machine

Granule Powder Filling Machine

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