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This automatic granule/Powder packing machine is made of stainless steel with stable performance,lower consumption,high efficiency,safety and cleanness,it's an ideal equipment which can be used for packing food,tea,herb,dry powder,granules,seeds,grain,wheat,beans,small hardware and components etc.
1. Full stainless steel with food grade and energy saving.
2. Intelligent control,it can do fully automatic packaging,more precise and fast.
3. Double vibration device,it's good for packing almost all kinds of powder.
4. Divided design,high efficiency,low noise equipment,running smoothly.
5. Easy to operate,filling weight can be set directly on display.
6. Coiled material : plastic film,laminated film,aluminum foil,filter paper,non-woven fabrics and other compound materials which can be heat sealed.

Product name

Multi-Function Packaging Machine

Suitable object

food,tea,herb,dry powder,granules,seeds,grain,wheat,beans,small hardware and components etc.

Packing                  speed


packing range



±2g (based on raw material)




Automatic weighing packing material

Driven Type

Electric,pneumatic transmission

Sealing method

three-side sealing, back sealing

Bag length(cm)

5~22cm(Adjust during use)

Bag width(cm)

3~16cm(Pre-factory setting)

FZL-200 Automatic Weighing Filling Packaging Machine

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