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Complete Bottle Water Production Machines, This offer consists of all the machines required to produce bottle water, from water treatment, moulding of plastic bottles, bottle filling, packaging and date coding.


  • Model XGF8-8-3 Automatic Bottle Washing, Filling, Capping Monoblock With Free Spare Parts Toolbox And Accessories.

     Capacity: 3,000 Bottles Per Hr  

  • HZ880 2 Cavity Pet Bottle Blowing Machine Blower, Heater and Air Compressor With Free Spare Parts Toolbox And Accessories.

     Capacity: 1,000 Bottles Per Hr  

  • BZJ5038/BSE5038 Sleeve Wrapper With Shrink Tunnel And Air Compressor (2HP) With Free Spare Parts Toolbox And Accessories.

     Capacity: 6 Packs Per Min

  • RO-2000 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Machine With 8 Membrane (Nitto).

     Capacity: 2,000 Litres Per Hr

  • Filtran 6G water treatment Ozonator With Accessories.

     Capacity: 6 Grams Per Hr

  • DZBS1135A Steam Boiler With Shrink Labeling Tunnel.

      Power 9kw

  • Batch Expiry Date Coding Machine HP241
  • Industrial Water Filtration Stainless Cylinder With Water Treatment Chemicals (Pair)

     Capacity: 3,000 Litres Per Hr

  • ZXZY Industrial Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer

     Capacity: 3,000 Litres Per Hr

  • Filtran 20 Inches Micro Filter Housing With Filter Cartridge 0.5 micron, 1 micron, 5 micron and Carbon Cartridge

      Size: 20 Inches

  • Pallet Truck Forklift Jack

     Capacity: 2,000 Kg

  • Stainless Water Pump

      Size: 1HP

  • 2 Cavity Pet Bottle Mould

      Size: 500ml (50cl) and 750ml (75cl)

  • Stainless Water Pump

      Size: 2HP

  • Air Ultraviolet sterilizer (for Packing Store)       
  • 5in1 Water Testing Meter PH/EC/TDS/ORP/TEMP


Complete Bottle Water Production Machines


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