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Automatic Plastic Bottle Making Machine used in production to make pet plastic bottles of different shapes and sizes.




OG-3 Automatic 3 Cavity Bottle Blowing Machine
ITEM            UNIT    OGM-3   
        Theoretical output      Pcs/h   2200    
PRODUCT Max. Volume     L       1.5     
        Max. height     mm      360     
        Max. diameter   mm      105     
MOULD   Number of cavities      /       3       
        Mould plate dimension (L*H)     mm      490*490 
        Mould thickness mm      280     
        Mould opening stroke    mm      220     
ELECTRICAL      Power           220-380V/
        Total Power     KW      18      
        Heating Power   KW      15      
AIR SYSTEM      Operation Pressure      Mpa     0.8-1.0 
        Action Air Consuming    m3/min  ≥1.0    
        Blowing Pressure        Mpa     2.6-3.0 
        Blowing Air Consuming   m3/min  ≥1.6    
MACHINE Main body dimension (L*W*H)     M       2.05*1.45*2.2   
        Main body weight        KG      1500    
        Preform Autoloader (L*W*H)      M       1.6*0.85*2.2    
        Preform Autoloder weight        KG      200     
        Bottle Conveyor (L*W*H) M       1.6*0.60*1.2    
        Bottle Conveyor weight  KG      80

Automatic Plastic Bottle Making Machine


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