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Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine


OGM series,two`step method fully automatic blow moulding  machine.  The maximum capacity is 1.5L, suitable for blowing with PET as raw materials of any shape 

carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetics bottles and packaging container.


OG-3 Automatic 3 Cavity Bottle Blowing Machine
ITEM            UNIT    OGM-3   
        Theoretical output      Pcs/h   2200    
PRODUCT Max. Volume     L       1.5     
        Max. height     mm      360     
        Max. diameter   mm      105     
MOULD   Number of cavities      /       3       
        Mould plate dimension (L*H)     mm      490*490 
        Mould thickness mm      280     
        Mould opening stroke    mm      220     
ELECTRICAL      Power           220-380V/
        Total Power     KW      18      
        Heating Power   KW      15